E-Commerce Site Structure for Semantic Search
Building your ecommerce site structure should take deliberate thought and research. This Google Presentation has five useful slides to help you understand the essentials of having a solid shopping cart category structure and defining the new semantic search. Relating concepts to entities and much more.

As the web makes the change into a fully semantic web the biggest challenge for webmasters lies in beginning to think differently about how the web now works and how their content now connects across it. Your products are an Entity in Semantic Search. Your Categories are Concepts in Semantic Search. Well recognized brands will become a concept that a normal consumer could relate as a concept. Both Nike and Reebok are both well known for athletic sportswear.

Search engines build relational databases to artificially guess your classification relationship to shoes in the realm of sports wear. You are still sending signals about your classification that all content below is about sports products. Category pages should be content rich and tell the human and the machine about the main category.

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