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About DPCG, Co.

Denver Prophit Jr. began his career in eCommerce software back in 2005 for a well-known open source software project as lead tech support. He answered thousands of questions about the cart features and gave general advice to store owners so that they may increase the odds of a sales conversion. He went to technical school and learned more about the linux operating system and front-end web development. He continues to hone is skills through industry certifications and courses.

We orchestrate your project. Certain services we do ourselves while we outsource to others whom we trust to complete tasks quickly and successfully.

The web has matured over the last decade.  Getting people to buy your products and services is as much as an art form as it is a skill. It requires study in philosophy and digital sciences. These are the assets DPCG, Co. brings to the table.




Fine Tunning

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Concept Work

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When you launch a new service with DPCG, Co., you are allotted a base of minutes and hours to start your project. On our side, an elaborate project manager sets up a workflow. This workflow is continuously refined to ensure our clients receive the most work for the time they have purchased. This time bank never expires! Use your rollover minutes as you wish. Launch new projects or instruct us to modify old ones.

Project time purchases are an estimated amount of time to complete and can never be accurate. As no two projects are the same. You will always see a breakdown of our efforts in our billing portal. You will always see how much time you have left. We’ll let you know ahead of time if we’re going to need you to deposit more time in your billing account. The good news is we’re not learning as we go along. Tasks should be efficiently executed or we’ll simply decline the task in your best interests.


All invoices convert to time units. As your project progresses, you will see how time is spent. And, how much time you have left. There are no fixed quotes on any services.


This is a highlight of some of our most popular digital marketing services. We’ll try to tailor our services to fit your situation. Hiring a digital marketing agency is not a guarantee you’ll rank number one. It means we understand best practices and semantic search strategies to get those top placements.

SEO Managed Services

Managed SEO Marketing Services includes local citations, content calendars and analytics tracking and reporting. We include charts of your competitors and keyword tracking. You can see what your site looks like in search and map listings and track that over time. We can also create graphics for social sharing and video teasers.

Service Business Website

We will setup or manage a service business website using WordPress content management web application. This includes landing pages, call to action, reservations and appointment bookings, non-realestate type rentals such as a boat, appliance or machine. This is a good fit for a restaurant, pub or bar, nightclub or professional service. WordPress is the world’s leading content platform.

eCommerce Setup - WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress content management system. It enables you to sell products and services all while maintaining content creation and integration. WooCommerce has been installed by tens of thousands of merchants. The platform is stable and has hundreds of software developers all contributing to make this web application even better, month after month.