How To Get Automated WordPress Updates Notifications

WordPress Update Notifications

Before I devised this WordPress updates notification plan, I was always having to guess at it and login daily. Sometimes even hourly to make sure I had all the security and bug fixes from an array of WordPress module and theme developers. This method is simply an inefficient use of my time. There had to be a better solution!

Bug Fix For Sama Author Review Plugin For WordPress

Sama Author Review Plugin For WordPress Logo

Sama Author Review Wordpress plugin allows you to easily review and rate your blog articles. You can choose one of review types [star – percent – point] for each post. And end users can rate individual criteria that you setup. The plugin supports custom post types. Includes 3 widget types and shortcodes to help you for create your custom widget.

TinyMCE Advanced Configuration for WordPress Tips

Having said that, I was reviewing a very interesting video from MaAnna Stephenson of about TinyMCE Advanced Configuration. If you don’t already have it, the link is at I’m also using this plugin and her video helped me eliminate useless buttons and set a few settings that I had not done before. Her video will feature at the end of mine. I encourage you to watch it!

Retina Favicon Generator In Genesis Framework

WordPress Genesis Theme Framework Custom Header

About Retina Display Favicons Retina Display (marketed by Apple with a stylized lowercase ‘D’ as Retina display) is a brand name used by Apple for screens that have a pixel density high enough that the human eye is unable to discern individual pixels at a typical viewing distance. The term is used for several Apple products, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air.[1] Because

WordPress Security Tips – Force SSL Login

WordPress Forced SSL Login

WordPress Security Tip #1 Secure WordPress Admin Login The first WordPress Security tip that I have is to immediately edit your wp-config.php and force SSL login for administering your WordPress Website. The code below will stop sending your password in plaintext over the internet. WOW! Can you imagine logging into your website at a cafe’

How to Obscure Your WordPress Version Number

WordPress Security

Wanted to thank for this article on June 21, 2012. And, written May 7, 2013 Obscuring your WordPress version foils hacking bots Programs around the globe will scan the internet for something like this: WordPress 3.8″ /> and in your RSS feed <generator></generator> They find this in the rendered source code of both

WordPress RSS Media – Explore RSS Media Inclusion Into WordPress RSS2 Feed

WordPress RSS Media Plugin

# Media RSS Enhancement # Media RSS is a new RSS module that supplements the capabilities of RSS 2.0. RSS enclosures are already being used to syndicate audio files and images. Media RSS extends enclosures to handle other media types, such as short films or TV, as well as provide more metadata with the media.