Social Media Strategy With Crowdsourcing Information

I recently had the opportunity to attend the last #hangoutsonair from Social Media Today in 2014, entitled, “Cooperation in Social Media“.

“We are in a cooperative environment. Google+ has shown us that together we can accomplish more than if we go it alone. That lesson is being learnt across many social media platforms. +John Kellden has established #sensemaking  as one of the predominant aims of the Conversation community he runs. +Zara Altair‘s Midweek Zap HOA has consistently shown what’s possible when people get together to share ideas and expertise. These are our guests in the year’s final #SMTPowerTalk . Hosting it, as usual, is +David Amerland. Do not miss it.

Social Media Strategy

Crowdsourced Iterations

I have worked on for about a year now. Profile Link and what I have learned is that it is possible to create a nested document sharing portal along with spreadsheets, slide decks, images and various other types of media. The hyperlinks embedded within the documents become opportunities to cite sources.  Where contributors can link to their respective contributions to a project and there may be dozens of us all collaborating on what we would call best practices and standard procedures.

Visitors may then download all the project to their hard drive or “fork” the project to their own user space and improve upon it. They may also elect to merge their changes back to the master project and thus creating the infinite social cycle of collaboration.  There are many websites that total user contributions with a slew of statistics.

Further linking the ontologies of concepts each person holds to be a subject of as it relates to a particular domain name space. An example: Denver Prophit Jr. => githublink/ + Social Media Project /installing-wordpress/ => H1 => WordPress Server Requirements => H2 => Linux Operating Systems It would be my assumption, in this example, that  my entity would be associated with WordPress, Linux Operating Systems, Social Media The ticket system option allows ANYONE to submit an issue and be answered by anyone within the project. Again, creating more user interaction and index SERP results linked back to their profile. Their profile information is optimized to represent their particular profession and expertise.

Crowdsourced Media Items

So what sort of material would one expect to see in an open source social media strategy project? The types of resource items are infinite! YouTube Video embeds, powerpoint slide files, markdown syntaxed word documents, spreadsheets, graphics, wiki and sharing. All open source projects are free forever. The individual topics within social media should be broken up into sub-directories. This would create the sort of semantic relationship between various concepts within social media.

This is how I would envision a collaborative effort in the social media namespace to teach, collaborate and learn in a very social way. Feel free to leave your comments, below. I’d like to read your questions and respond to your comments.

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