Social Media Marketing in New Smyrna Beach Florida

Social Media Marketing is essential in a tourist destination such as New Smyrna Beach, Florida USA.  There are over 375 restaurants in New Smyrna Beach according to and 21 Fire Safe Hotels. I’m pretty sure those numbers do not account for the sum total of economic indicators for our area. How much does the world really know about our small little beach destination and what are we doing about it?

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes

Social Media Marketing Profiles

Social Media profiles are ambassadors of your brand. It makes sense to take special care of the profiles that rank well in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP). Let’s take a look at Chases on the Beach and how they might be missing out on some valuable profile assets.

Facebook Social Media

They did an outstanding job! Over 9k likes and over 33k visitors. A true way to engage social connections in the world’s largest social network! You rock!

Chases On The Beach. New Smyrna Beach, FL

Google Social Media

It all falls apart over here on Google+! No one has maintained it, ever. No custom overlay image. No Brand Logo and they haven’t even enabled and shared posted reviews tab. They could certainly circle anyone giving a review on Google. They did have over 35 reviews from this platform. That would increase, potentially, their follower count from 2 to 37 if all 35 reciprocate and follow them back.

Chases On The Beach - New Smyrna Beach, FL
Taken in 2014. It does seem in 2017 that they have updated the image header.

YouTube LogoThey’re missing their video marketing opportunities by not linking an official YouTube Channel. This free social video platform is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. Studies have shown that we can process visual six times faster than text. So, this means you should entertain and inform. Demonstrate your business and your customers on your own video channel.

Offer incentives if your customers create a video review and link back to your website. That sort of crowd signal tells those comparative searchers that it ought to pay attention to you. ANY link embedded into the video description is a no-follow link. That is ok, though. Traffic is traffic! Any video you create will boost your conversions and social signals. It will also build your back link strategies.

The Affect of Social Media on Search Results

Ultimately, major search engine providers are looking at the numbers. Who is saying what about whom and why? Photo view count, video view count, reviews, mentions, +1’s and resharing. The location where the content were produced and the time frame. Encourage your customers to do all the above and include instructions, QR Codes, e-business cards Capture their email address and offer special newsletter promotions and product or service updates. I would even go so far as to create small shareable info-graphics when you run a promotional offer. Make it funny and shareable.

So, here is the resulting search for Chases on the Beach via

Chases on the Beach - Google Search Results
Search results for Chases on the Beach on
  1. Most related was their website domain result.
    1. Six most relevant web pages.
  2. Both company and social photos with geo-location tagging and/or associated with a social profile.
    1. Their google business page that I mentioned earlier, had no photos at all associated in their profile to give Google results to produce.
  3. The map place was taken from their verified local business page.
  4. Three buttons to engage from google. Just tell them to google you and write a review!
  5. Opening Hours were taken from their google local business page.
  6. The coveted reviews. Notice how bleak these are in comparison to Facebook? 1, 469 Facebook reviews versus 35 on google.
  7. Now you see related sites and the data that they hold about you. Do you Yelp?
  8. Is your social media manager going to tripadvisor?
  9. Poor Facebook? Well at least it’s in the top 10 results, right?
  10. I want to refer back to Item 5. Look close enough and you’ll see a hyperlink to the menu. because that site used hproduct schema markup => even though it is not Google’s most favored semantic dictionary.
    1. Recommend creating menu content on your own site and let Google’s Knowledge Graph produce it on your special results page like the one above.

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