Why Trust and Relationships Matters in Social Media Marketing

Examine a commercial made by Coca Cola® in 1971. Featured are various multinationals in traditional wear around this era in the clothing that best represents the youth generation in that pop culture. The overwhelming theme is about peace and harmony which resounded well with the generation of that time. Whatever segment of your culture you are targeting, make a list of general attributes about that persona. This should be the basis of the content that you are trying to create! This persona is more conducive to suggestions when you talk about things most important to that market segment.

OR, how many of you grew up in my generation chanting, “Mac Attack?

Every marketing campaign needed an angle that would relate a relationship to the consumer. The “Mac Attack!” related a person’s hunger with a solution. It was convenient, fast and cool to do!

What other ways can you think about to relate on a personal level with your consumer? Remember The Maytag Repairman? Everyone related to getting their washers repaired. Everyone related durability and dependability with this brand through repeated content media of the bored repairman.

“9 out of 10 Dentist recommend…” does not work any longer! Today’s consumer wants to have informed choices. They turn to television media medical experts who authentically care about them. They have developed a trust that had only developed over time. Today’s consumer made their own decisions who would be their trusted medical expert.

I am sure you can come up with your own memorable commercial slogans. You remember them because you had a trust relationship with the brand entity.

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