Inbound Marketing – Podcast with Eric Enge & James Reynolds

Eric Enge requires no sales force. His successful digital consultancy Stone Temple Consulting gets 100% of its customers from inbound marketing. No cold calling, no hard sales just a steady stream of prospects picking up the phone and asking how do we get started? How does Eric create such a predictable flow of sales enquiries with zero outbound sales? Content marketing!

Eric is undoubtedly a leading authority in the world of SEO. He is the co-author of The Art of SEO book, he writes for Forbes, Copyblogger, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, all impressive feats. However these accolades are more than noteworthy listings on his CV, they are a strategic move to increase his authority and leverage other people’s audiences, resulting in wider exposure for him and his business and indirectly better search engine placement.

Listen to the Inbound Marketing Podcast

Tune in to episode 34 podcast and learn the steps required to build a fully inbound marketing sales system, plus exactly how you need to adapt your SEO strategy in the era of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

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