Defining the True Value of Links – Digital Marketing Answers Show by Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen

Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen of StoneTemple Consulting talk about the real value of links to SEO. To includePageRank, ToolbarPageRank, relevance, trust, authority, and related topics.Questions answered include:♦ What is Google PageRank?
♦ What is Toolbar PageRank?
♦ Does PageRank actually determine how pages rank in search?
♦ How do trust, relevance, and authority work via links?
♦ Why should my link building strategy center around branding and reputation?
♦ Are schemes like link farms, web rings and blog carnivals good link building strategies?
♦ Is reciprocal linking a good way to get valuable links?
♦ What are some ways to evaluate the trust, relevance, and authority of a linking site?

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