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Struggling to traction on Google+?

If you haven’t considered Google+ Comments for your blog then you’re not taking advantage potentially one of the most powerful storytelling tools at your disposal as a blogger…

Everyone likes to talk about the virality (h/t to Jason Wiser for making that word up) of content… How does something go viral? How can we best facilitate the spread of our content. How do we perpetuate the story throughout an online community.

I’d argue the answer lies in Google+ Comments… not just the tool itself, but the psychology behind how it functions… stick around.

If you’re saying to yourself, “Oh geez Hanley, not another video about Google Plus…

All I can say is deal with it, there’s some seriously awesome shit happening on Google+ and to NOT talk it would be doing you, my Content Warrior brothers and sisters a disservice. When something more important/awesome pops into my consciousness I promise I’ll be all over that too!

So Google+ Comments… If you use google’s Blogger platform for your blog then you’re all about Google+ Comments as there’s built integration. Plus you’re already using one of Google’s tool, Blogger, so G+ comments is a natural fit.

But if you blog on WordPress or Drupal or even Tumblr you need “Hack” of sorts to add Google+ Comments to your blog. For some of you, the term “Hack” is an immediate turnoff.

I get that you’re scared, it’s unfamiliar to you, Google hasn’t given you permission… I’m going to ask you to look past that fear.

Here’s the deal, there are many commenting systems, but only one of them feeds the beast… only one serves Google and it’s index with fresh, scrumptious, easily consumable, easily digestible content that in and of itself can grow and become it’s own little story.

A story born out of a story.

When someone comments inside google+ comments on your blog, a new post is created inside of Google+. Each post in Google+ is a new webpage. A new page with PageRank and Authority and whatever else… it’s a webpage just like the blog post your reader commented on.

We’ve already discussed in a previous episode how blog readers have begun to forego commenting on blogs for commenting inside social media…

…and it only makes sense. People comment for conversation, well I guess some comment for less altruistic reasons, but the audience we WANT to build comments for conversation and conversations happen inside social media… especially Google+…

So here’s how it works… You tell your story on your blog. Your reader comments taking the story further, Google+ Comments extends the reach of that conversation into the Google+ Universe were new comments are added and the story is reshared over and over again with each one of those shares adding to and extending the story you originally told.

Isn’t that what viral is all about?

I can’t think of a more powerful storytelling tool… Can you? Share below… What part of this process doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work? Let’s discuss in the comments below. This is important stuff.

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