Schema Person In Your Business Website Using JSON+LD

Extending schema vocabulary within a WordPress blog is quite difficult. Your theme has code markup set in stone. Of course, you could change your child theme and continue to merge new code into the child theme. That is the hard way of doing things! Just about every theme includes a feature to insert extra code into the header and footer such as analytics tracking code. That is the vector I chose to extend person schema in my personal branding blog. You can confirm my blog on Google’s Structured Data Markup Tester. If the test times out, just refresh your browser. Then, expand the PERSON information.

What Is The Value Of Additional Vocabulary Schema Person Information

Knowledge Card of Denver Prophit Jr.I’m glad you asked! heh! The more search knows about you, the better chances you have getting more information about you into rich snippet type of search known as a knowledge card on Google, Bing and other places. After all, you are trying to get the word out about who you are on the web. If you’re an author of a book, other data would come from other sources such as Digital Author Identifier. The more data sources the better!

Schema Person Code Integration Background

The popular Yoast / Monster SEO Plugin adds JSON+LD information you supply in module settings. It does not go far enough! If you’re looking to add your “photo, date of birth, place of birth, Honorary / Suffix, given name, family name, etc”, you are going to need further markup information to express those vocabulary declarations. I contacted the plugin author in 2016 and asked them to include JSON+LD attribute called “@id”. It enables search engines to references other data points to insert within that data structure. It was accepted and implemented September 2016.

Here’s The Code

Navigate to your theme‘s settings. Look for options to insert extra code into the header. PASTE this in its entirety. Obviously, you need to replace my values with yours.

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