How Do I Establish A Brand Identity In 2018?

Denver Prophit Jr. Staff asked 2 years ago

David, are the steps you outlined in 2013 still relevant to today? Are there any changes one might need to make or will there be a new published book to update the old one?

I can say, right away, that your suggestions back in 2013 did create a google knowledge graph when you search my name. In the top fold, in most navigational type queries, sets a twitter carousel and I’m not even verified with Twitter. There has to be something more in 2018 that may trigger are brand awareness to skyrocket! What social media network is your favorite?

I’m beginning to wonder if facebook live isn’t the way to go? I would also ponder streaming to Periscope since those video links are right there on your twitter profile on the left. What’s your take on this branding tool?

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David answered 2 years ago

Denver, excellent questions as usual and the 2013 blueprint detailed in Google Semantic Search is still good. There have been a few changes however in the way we consume information and they impact directly upon brand identity building. One is standing out from the crowd. In the five years since the book came out there is more information being put out than ever before. Standing out from the crowd requires thought and consistency. Thought because beyond the obvious “deliver value” there has to be a way to also capture attention.

You can, for instance, entertain. A classic example in this is the brief, funny and ever so polished now, short videos put out by Stone Temple Consulting. They are quick to digest, deliver great information and they are also really entertaining and very, very human. That right there is how a brand identity is built. The entertainment factor is necessary to capture attention. The consistency speaks to brand values which help the audience identify with the brand, over time. The human feel leads to the connection. So really, this example feeds right into the trust process of: Contact, Perception, Assessment, Connection. Video is the big winner of the last five years!  And because it is always harder to produce than a piece of writing, it requires more effort and therefore makes it more valuable!

As you rightly identify, video has many formats. Facebook Live certainly helps because of this trust process. Memes and pictures is another one. Finally Twitter that used to be a purely broadcast medium with minimum conversational value is beginning to gain traction with Twitter’s increased 280 character limit. Despite all this the advice is the same as back in 2013: be everywhere, but choose what works best for you to start off with. I hope this helps?

Denver Prophit Jr. Staff replied 1 year ago

Your answer in 2018 produced 460 views. At least it made a dent! =)