Can Rich Recipe Cards Increase My Product Sales And Traffic?

Denver Prophit Jr. Staff asked 2 years ago

If I sell health food or pagan spells or even liquor distillery Ingredients and supplies, would a rich recipe card help my sales conversion?

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Denver Prophit Jr. Staff answered 2 years ago

If your product(s) require ingredients, preparation time, and such, then YES! A google rich recipe card or even a pinterest rich recipe pin in search results will benefit you. You should embed related items for sale with the recipe content. And, regularly share the recipe to social media. A recipe can be quite useful in instructing preparations. Book an appointment if you’d like to get that setup. You would need WooCommerce and WordPress content manager and a few marketing tools I provide. Get a social sharing plugin for WordPress like Social Warfare and create custom pinterest pins that show a rich recipe pinterest pins
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