Can Breadcrumb Schema Increase My Page Rank?

Denver Prophit Jr. Staff asked 2 years ago

If I add breadcrumb schema to my website, will google or bing rank your page higher in SERP? I see several search results that include rich breadcrumb snippet like this one.
breadcrumb schema rich snippet markup

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Denver Prophit Jr. Staff answered 2 years ago

Breadcrumb Rich Snippet is the result of machine markup language or HTML code. It helps semantic seo by categorizing your content into taxonomies. I’ve wrote about this before and the previous link will take you to the in-depth article regarding semantic search and category / taxonomy structures. If you envision yourself within a grocery store and create rows and label those rows with core content that is semantic to those collected topics, your breadcrumbs will begin to show up in breadcrumb rich snippet. For example: Milk is on the dairy aisle. There are many more sub taxonomies and products within that aisle. Go back and restructure your CMS categories and tags so that they relate to topic collections.