SEO Digital Marketing Managed Services

Automated Local SEO Directory Management

We’ll ensure that your location(s) are uniform across several directory websites. Any changes to your location(s) are also updated over all directories. If you run eCommerce, our managed SEO marketing services can assist you with local advertising of your products from various ad sources such as google shopping, Facebook Remarketing and Bing.

Metrics and Measurement of Site Analytics

We setup goals, funnels and groupings in your analytics accounts on Google. Then, create timely reports that are emailed to you at specific intervals. We may even identify source code changes to enhance your analytics report and tracking. Information is vital in marketing and advertising budgets. Without information, you are making uninformed choices with your digital marketing investments. These are setup as tasks in your project management portal. This type of organization ensures your managed seo marketing campaigns run smoothly.

Social Metrics And Social Proof

With your assistance, we will create customer personas that are similar to specific customer types that buy or should buy your products or services. Plan out different types of content that resonate with those personas and lead to a type of goal conversion. One of the ways to measure conversions is through social proofing. What pieces of content are shared more often than others and which actually convert or do not convert. These efforts are tracked in your managed seo marketing services.

Semantic Content Writing

We will examine or create semantic content (The organization of words) and content titles that take advantage of known entity types or objects. When search understands your word clusters, it can be more proactive in answering the kind of search queries that get your content found higher up on search. We accomplish this through research into your regional location and industry types. This relies on known entity extraction patents held by various search engines.

** Configurable Option. May add more than one admin. All prices listed will be either monthly or yearly. You will see those options when you add to cart. Each option includes a non-refundable $85.00 USD setup fee.

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