Wholesale Margins With PrestaShop Shopping Cart

Wholesale margins fluctuate between 20% ~ 40%. Managing that competative edge can be quite difficult at times. Especially when you operate a B2B, eCommerce platform.

In PrestaShop shopping cart, you have a two pronged approach. You setup customer groups and apply a global discount percentage. You can also set a per product specific price per customer group.

I like the latter! Some sku’s have a higher unit cost than others. Applying a global discount rate to those thin margins affects your bottom line.

Setting Up Whole Discount Rates In PrestaShop

Login to your back office dashboard. Navigate to Customers and select Customer Groups. Assign a name and discount rate. You might have two or more groups depending on the volume of sales that customer fulfills every month.PrestaShop Customer Groups Menu
PrestaShop Define Customer Group Screen

The wholesale customer must login to see wholesale prices on the category and product detail pages. Anyone who is not logged on is considered the guest group. The guest group will see full retail price unless you have another module to hide price unless logged on.

You would now search through your customer list and reassign these customers to the xxxx customer group. Do not make the mistake of assigning customer to many groups. Not even the built-in customer group.

Setting Up Specific Price For A Wholesale Margin In PrestaShop

From your Back Office Dashboard, Navigate to Catalog and then Products. Search either ID or SKU for products you wish to set a more specific price for a wholesale customer group.

Now edit your product. Within the product editor there are several tabs running along the left hand side. Click on Prices. Now scroll down to the middle. You should see a new section called SPECIFIC PRICES.

Just below the blue help context is the add new specific price. Click on that. The FOR line to the far right selects the customer group. Select the right group. You see the product price? It’s about the middle of this form.

You can either uncheck the checkmark and input a specific price. Or, go below there and tell the editor how much to subtract from the base retail price. The last selector you must select either tax included or tax included in the discount. I prefer to select tax excluded. You may now save and stay.

This will provide a new price different than the base wholesale margin discount price. Thereby saving you from those thin margins and putting money back to your bottom line.

Prestashop Setting Specific Price

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Wholesale Margins With PrestaShop Shopping Cart

Wholesale Margins With PrestaShop Shopping Cart