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Prestashop Page Load Times and Site Speed

The number of seconds that a user spends downloading a page from your hosting server to their browser is called Site Speed. A slow page load may cause your bounce rate to increase. That will send a signal to a search engine reflecting the quality of your submission. See also Best Tips for Speeding up your PrestaShop Store This video tutorial will walk you through some of the less technical aspects that you can do, yourself. And, most likely without the assistance of your webmaster or hosting service.

There was a Google Webmaster Blog Post back in 2010 talking about this so I would read up on it.

Basically, I personally don’t feel a slower page will rank worse unless it’s obviously super slow.  (ie, Flash or 5 second load times)  The key is that Google manages how it crawls your site depending on load time so that it doesn’t take up too much of your server when it crawls.  So if your pages crawl faster, Google can crawl more of them at one time.

I have seen some of my sites rank faster when I did a few things to them to speed them up but I think it had more to do with on-page metrics and UX and not necessarily with load time.

Here are some pointers for your sites speed.

  • For pages that have a lot of photos (large ones especially) I would have those photos on another site and load it from there. Web browsers can load from multiple domains at the same time, saving a lot of load time.
  • Make sure your css is in .css files and not embedded directly on each page (same goes for JavaScript and .js files)
  • Setup cache on your server.

To answer your question, I don’t think one or the other will rank over the other because of load time.  But, remember, there is a point when your load time becomes to slow and the UX is hurt and therefore visitors don’t stay on the page and leave.  That would hurt the rankings.

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