How To Get Automated WordPress Updates Notifications

Before I devised this WordPress updates notification plan, I was always having to guess at it and login daily. Sometimes even hourly to make sure I had all the security and bug fixes from an array of WordPress module and theme developers. This method is simply an inefficient use of my time. There had to be a better solution!

There are paid services out there to manage automated updates and there are free ones if you connect your site to I also understand hosting features such as Softaculous one-click installers can manage plugin and theme updates and backup. The one common denominator is relying on a third party. What if it took days for their system to churn out updates?

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Automated WordPress Updates Postman Plugin

WordPress SMTP Plugin

WP PostMan Plugin Configuration

Before you set this up, you will need your email account login credentials handy! Now let us get down to the configuration screen?

Run the wizard setup. Enter your domain name without the www. This will take a few seconds to wind through. When you get to the selection of authentication methods, do not use the suggested gmail API. It is difficult to setup for the lay user. Select SMTP - And then click next.

Now you will need your email username and password. The username is usually the FULL email address. The plugin with authenticate that information and if you gave it the right information, your plugin is now setup in our first stage of WordPress automated updates notifications.

Automated WordPress Updates Postman Plugin

WP Updates Notifier Plugin

This is the meat and potatoes of my WordPress updates strategy. The first plugin changes WordPress mail functions away from using php mail(); function and utilize full Send Mail Transport Protocol. If you’re host is tech savvy enough, this email transport method appends your DKIM and SPF signatures. Say goodbye to email spam folder!

WordPress Updates Notifier Configuration

Figure 1.0 displays my settings for WP Updates Notifier Plugin for WordPress
Setting Value
Cron Method WordPress Cron
Frequency to check Your Choice. I selected every 10 minutes
Notify email to I chose my gmail address
Notify email from I chose a pop3 user on my domain
Notify about plugin updates? I chose Yes but only active plugins
Notify about theme updates? I chose Yes but only active themes
Notify automatic core updates to this address? Checked!
Hide core WP update nag from non-admin users? Yes!

Everything should be setup now to email you updates about your WordPress modules, themes and the WordPress core. If you have any suggestions or improvements, I’d love to hear about them! Share your links to plugins you use or services that you pay. Be sure to share the post on social media if you know of others who may benefit from this system? I try to create solutions that are free and open sourced software.

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