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There are tools out there that help you determine aggregate searches for your region/state for a specific time period. Are you taking advantage of that data to optimize your search results?

According to Google’s consumer barometer survey in 2014/2015, at least 34% of all internet search came from smart devices such as a cell phone or tablet


We had always assumed we’d get the best ROI by focusing our digital efforts on net-new customers. But this assumption was wrong. We learned that to drive long-term growth, we needed to nurture the customers we already had. That’s not to say new customers aren’t important. Customer-acquisition will always be a key goal of digital. But it’s also important to use digital to boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) at the same time.

Allstate Insurance

What online sources did people use to find local business information?

Question asked:
Which of the following online sources did you use while looking for information about this business?
Total Respondents: 1153
Base: Internet users (accessing via computer, tablet or smartphone) | Searched for information about local business(es) in the past month
Source: The Consumer Barometer Survey 2014/15

Online Resources Percentage
  • Business Directories
  • Social Network
  • Online Maps
  • Coupon Directories
  • Blog / Forums
  • Search Engines

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Get Listed On Major Online Maps
  1. Google Maps listing is empowered by android and apple phones
  2. Bing Maps empowers Ford vehicles via Sync® and other smart devices.

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Get your content indexed
  1. Google Search Console and submit the https version of your website. There are no reasons anymore to use http:// as it is insecure and unencrypted
  2. Bing Webmaster Tools Submit your website and your social site information to get indexed on bing / Microsoft




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You’ll also need to work out a strategy for ontologies that describe your business. Organize those ontologies into categories and tags. Ontology is the philosophy of being. While Taxonomies in category and tags describe and classify items into that topic group. For instance, I sell sporting goods. This is my ontology. My taxonomy might look something like this:

  • Men’s Sportswear
    • Tops
    • Shorts
    • Shoes
    • Accessories
  • Ladies Sportswear
    • Tops
    • Shorts
    • Shoes
    • Accessories

The ancestral category can be displayed then by tag or by faceted search. I click a checkmark to filter for tops and I can search by a price budget. The close proximity of tops to ladies wear gives inference to its meaning. Tops can also be a subcategory and further defined by tags. In Men’s Tops, a tags might be Tank Top, Fleece Top, Mesh Top. And there again, in your faceted search, could filter out specific styles and brands for tank top.

One other consideration is the psychological study of prototype theory that I wrote about in 2014. The summation of that content boils down to what people think a particular item SHOULD be organized as in your taxonomies. Ladies Hats might be an Accessory. But, your consumer might expect this to be a top level category in Women’s Apparel.

Organizing your content structure can reap many benefits. First, there’s the whole value to the consumer viewing your website. You meet their navigational expectations. Then, there’s the whole artificial intelligence aspect that is just in its infancy. You CAN create content for both consumers of information.

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