SiteNavigationElement Bug In Genesis Framework Version 2.3.1

I recently updated the Genesis Framework for WordPress and decided to run it through Google’s SDTT. When I reviewed SiteNavigationElement, there were two duplicates because I have a header and main menu. One did not reference the other with an itemid. So, I added it by hacking one of the genesis framework functions. It is my understanding that there shouldn’t be two of these? Perhaps someone in the comments would suggest a different approach?

What I have not seen either at or on various other sites is how Google, Bing and other search engines handle this data vocabulary definition? Is it used to make important navigational links in a navigation type query such as the site name or company name? That would be good information to know about, wouldn’t it?

At any rate, I’ve reported the problem to and hope to hear back from them soon.

Add the following to your child theme structure: /lib/functions/markup.php

  1. Copy the contents of /lib/functions/markup.php to your child themes new blank markup.php file.
  2. append to the function I’ve listed below at line 387 ( View Raw) at the bottom of snippet.
  3. Run your site back through SDTT to see the duplicate becomes a single entry. You must have top menu and main menu active for test.

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