E-Commerce Site Structure for Semantic Search

Building your ecommerce site structure should take deliberate thought and research. This Google Presentation has five useful slides to help you understand the essentials of having a solid shopping cart category structure and defining the new semantic search. Relating concepts to entities and much more. Please reshare with others.

My presentation features David Amerland of davidamerland.com He spends most of his time as an author and professionally, he advises a handful of companies globally, blog for a number of websites, including Forbes, journalism.co.uk, and socialmediatoday and writes for magazines and newspapers. He currently resides in Manchester, United Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “E-Commerce Site Structure for Semantic Search”

  1. I watched an interesting slideshare today by Ana Hoffman. On slide 23, she quotes Cyrus Shepard who said,

    Marketers who invest in smart keyword research will continue to have a huge advantage over the competition. The trick today is to turning those keywords into concepts.

    WOW! So please use resources like Google Trends to name your top 7 categories on your shopping cart.. Watch the presenation at http://www.slideshare.net/MeetAna/seo-traffic-uide/23

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