How To Optimize Your Local Retail Search

Optimize Local Retail SEO
Nearly 84% of all "near me" searches come from a mobile device. Google Research 2016 A "near me" search begins with an entity such as "beachwear near me". This query comes from voice or text query. The query relies on IP location and/or GPS tracking data sent to browser. DESKTOPMOBILE Product Search Engine Google Home

Gaining Wisdom From Knowledge In The Business Universe

Sapience is the ability to think and act

Sapience Is The Ability To Think And Act On 5 Principles


Information gathered from the five senses.


Skills obtained from knowledge and used repetitively.


When the brain draws from other experiences in your environment and predicts or adjust for the expected outcome.

Common Sense

This is group thought. Common sense is influenced by climate, culture and circumstance and even superstitions and religions.


The higher logic function of the brain making decisions and reactions to these five principles of wisdom.

WordPress XML-RPC Better Security – PingBacks And Trackbacks

Secure WordPress XML RPC

What Is XML-RPC For WordPress? With WordPress XML-RPC support, you can post to your WordPress blog using many popular Weblog Clients. The XML-RPC system can be extended by WordPress Plugins to modify its behavior. XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism.[1] “XML-RPC” also refers generically to the use of XML for remote procedure call,

Local SEO Optimization For Search Results?

Optimizing Local Search Results
Keyword Searches dui attorneyreal estateseafoodbeach wearfishing tripsnightclubbarslive bands  There are tools out there that help you determine aggregate searches for your region/state for a specific time period. Are you taking advantage of that data to optimize your search results? According to Google's consumer barometer survey in 2014/2015, at least 34% of all internet search came

How To Get Automated WordPress Updates Notifications

WordPress Update Notifications

Before I devised this WordPress updates notification plan, I was always having to guess at it and login daily. Sometimes even hourly to make sure I had all the security and bug fixes from an array of WordPress module and theme developers. This method is simply an inefficient use of my time. There had to be a better solution!

How To Setup a KML Google Sitemap Feed For Your Local Business Website

Tare Weight Shipping

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers. KML was developed for use with Google Earth, which was originally named Keyhole Earth Viewer. It was created by Keyhole, Inc, which was acquired by Google in 2004. KML became an international standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium in 2008.[1][2] Google Earth was the first program

Retina Favicon Generator In Genesis Framework

WordPress Genesis Theme Framework Custom Header

About Retina Display Favicons Retina Display (marketed by Apple with a stylized lowercase ‘D’ as Retina display) is a brand name used by Apple for screens that have a pixel density high enough that the human eye is unable to discern individual pixels at a typical viewing distance. The term is used for several Apple products, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air.[1] Because

Attention Metrics – The Pageview Just Won’t Die

Attention Metrics - Pageviews wont die

What does an attention-obsessed media look like? And do we want it? What is the Attention Metrics? For the last 20 years, we’ve been measuring clicks; not people. Let’s change that! Next-generation tools can show us if content is capturing people’s attention. Even when they’re not clicking. Every few months media types seem to loop

The Plus Your Business Academy Programe by PlusYourBusiness Academy

Course standards These are set by the feline loving PYB team. The Levels go beyond abilities reflecting general Google+ skills to include, a full list of competencies, general business ethos, and catiquette. As the person will be representing Plus Your Business we reserve the right to refuse anyone from joining the programs. No dog lovers